Thursday, September 16, 2010


My daughter Michelle and I are taking a chemistry class together. Not that I like chemistry or anything but it is sort of fun taking a class with her. It is our time to spend together- twice a week even. We stop by Starbucks on our way to class - that is our little reward for going to school :0)
Tonight we had our first exam - she said her goal was to get a higher score than I did. My goal is just to pass the crazy class.

Don't we look uber cute with our googles on??

Michelle conducting an 'important' experiment:
I look like a mad scientist in this picture!!!!!!She pulls this look off way better than I do.
Did you notice that there are very few people left in the classroom?? Wonder why we are always one of the last ones done? It could be that we are just slow, or not as bright as the others in class. Or could it be because Michelle has a perfectionist for a lab partner???? One who has to follow all of the steps exactly like the book says! I bet she wishes she had a different lab partner...

Click here to see a little video of us in action!

I hope the next 12 weeks go by quickly. Chemistry really is not a class I wanted to take - but it is more tolerable when taken with your daughter. We are shooting for an A and by golly we are going to try to have a little fun while we are doing that!!

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Holly said...

I hope you enjoy taking the class w/ you daughter. I always liked chemistry but then again I'm a real science person.