Sunday, September 12, 2010


Biola's cross country teams started the season out with a bang. They ran the Redlands meet this weekend and the girls team won the race...not only did they win but the top seven runners...yes the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7th girls to cross the finish line were all Biola girls. It was so fun to watch them run and be able to cheer them on.The boy's team took 3rd place ~ but the first runner in was also a Biola runner - Ryan has made an amazing come back after being hit by a car two years ago. We are so proud of him. You can read all about the race here. GO EAGLES!!
I also got to spend some talking to my friends daughter Alicia at the meet - she attends Cal Baptist University and I had blogged recently about a crash that the team was involved in. All of the runners - including the injured ones were at the meet - one still in a wheelchair and others in casts, but they were there to support their team. In the picture above you can see a CBU runner right behind Ryan. Alicia is doing well, she had surgery on her arm but she says they have all had tremendous growth this past month and knows that God is somehow using that crash for good. She isn't running, is seeing a physical therapist for her arm and also a burn specialist for her facial and neck burns but she is well and happy to be back at school.

On another note, my daughter Erika has chosen to 'red shirt' this season. She said that she isn't feeling quite ready to compete after the long summer of illness that she had. She can always run a 4th year next year since she plans to do grad school at Biola. I am a little sad that she isn't competing - especially since they are ranked so high and it would have been a fun season for her. Of course her coach is using her and putting her to work during the meets. She gets to take split times and run around the course encouraging her team mates. She wants to coach one day so this is really good practice and I have to remind myself of that. She knows her body better than me and knows what is best for her. I suppose that I should be happy that I will have another year next year to be a Biola groupie and follow the team around - HA!
Next weekend we are off to San Diego to watch them run the Aztec Invitational. It's gonna be an exhilarating season!!

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Holly said...

I'm sure you miss seeing her compete but I'm sure helping out w/ the team will be a great experience for her too. That's awesome the team did so well!