Thursday, September 30, 2010

Conference Day 1

I woke up early this morning after staying up way too late last night. I was reading the new Nicholas Sparks book, "Safe Haven" and I couldn't put it down. If you haven't read it yet ~ it is a page turner. I started it on the plane and finished it after 1 am last night...good book.

I wanted to explore the city a bit today. I always like just walking around looking at things. And I needed to go to Borders to get another book!
There are many old buildings like this one here in Milwaukee:
I love the 100 year old buildings. They have so much character and I am sure if they could talk they would have interesting stories to tell. This building had very neat statues way on top of the entry way (3 or 4 stories up) I could post so many pictures of the buildings. I spent most of the morning just walking and looking around.
I am not so sure what the huge ladybugs were about on this one:
You can walk miles along the river here too. But it is pretty yucky looking brown water. At least the River Walk is an attempt to beautify the area.
Right around the hotel and convention center there are many of these skyways connecting buildings. Probably makes it easier getting around during the winter since you never have to go outdoors.
The weather was perfect today. Sunny and warm. I didn't even need a sweater.

Of course the conference started this afternoon. I met other people who are here by themselves. People are so friendly and it is easy to talk to one another since we all have a common love of child-birthing. We had the opening session tonight where we learned about how the media affects pregnancy and birth. It was quite enlightening.

My poster is hung and ready for my presentation tomorrow. Some people were already asking about the program. I am hoping many more show interest during the actual presentation times.
I looked around at some of the other posters that were hung already. I may be biased ~ but I think ours is the best one....
Now I am going to put this sleepy body to bed. I am excited to see what tomorrow holds...and I found the local Starbucks so will walk over there bright and early :)

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