Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The last official holiday of the summer. A day off of work. A day to spend with family, a last 'hoorah' before the grind of school and schedules get in the way. A day for picnics and lying out at the beach. The last day to wear white (does this 'rule' even still exist??) A day to celebrate the achievements of workers. A 'workingmen's holiday'.

Unlike many people, I did not get labor day off. No picnics, no parties, no sleeping in, no spending time with family. It was just another work day. What a crazy, busy day it was too. I think pregnant women heard 'labor day' and they thought it meant that they should go in to labor!! The unit was busy and most rooms were full. I was somewhat 'safe' for I was working antepartum - yet that unit had 6 patients so it was pretty crazy too. And two of those mommies we sent to the back to deliver. I never did see the total number of patients we had for the day but I know it was a lot.

In fact - labor day was so 'news worthy' that a local station decided to do a segment on us. I found the lost camera man and his crew walking the hallway, asked, "Can I help you?" to which the responded, "we are looking for labor and delivery". Of course...I had to be somewhat nosy and ask what they were doing. You know, all in the name of protecting our babies from any strangers :)
I came to find out that they were doing a piece on our Laborist. A laborist is a doctor who hangs out at the hospital just in case anything happens, any deliveries or any emergencies. An extra pair of hands and eyes to help us out when we need help. Now, not only was the unit crazy with patients...it suddenly became crazy with us nurses being careful to avoid the camera or get in front of it. I personally tried to stay off camera!!

You can click here to see the news cast and where I work...it was sort of fun to be able to come home after a long day of work and see my friends on TV. It was sort of a reward for working on LABOR day.


Stacy said...

Hi Deb,
I'm sorry you had to work on Labor Day! How fun that they were doing a segment that day at the local TV station. I'm sure it made for an interesting day on top of all those mommas having babies! I think you might have one of the greatest jobs...being a participant in watching the miracle of life enter the world each day by the hand of God!

Much love,

Holly said...

Go figure it was busy on Labor Day! Too bad I wasn't in labor! lol That's neat the unit was featured.