Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The heat is on!!
Summer has finally arrived in SouthernCalifornia!!! Ok - so technically, I know that it is fall, and everyone is getting out the pumpkins and spice candles, getting pumpkin scones from Starbucks and wanting to pull out the sweaters....but here we are having record temperatures.

I actually wore shorts yesterday. Our summer was mild this year. Warm but not hot and I rarely felt the need to dress for hot weather. But now I am sweating. All I want to do is go hang out in the pool. We are keeping the fans running all day long and I sure has heck do not want to cook or do any chores! But then again, when do I want to do those things?? It almost sounds good to go to work - at least in the hospital the air conditioning is on and it is quite comfortable.

I had a few errands to run yesterday. When I first got in to my car it said that it was 111'. But it quickly cooled down to this:
Today I am have a comfort care conference at work then I have school - both places should be comfortable :) I am going to wear a nice summer skirt! Who cares that the calendar says it is fall?? It feels like summer.
I leave tomorrow for Milwaukee and I keep looking at the temps there...60's. I have to think of packing for cooler weather...its going to be hard when I am sweltering here....

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