Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Card Attempt

Merry Christmas!!
Do you get those beautiful cards at Christmas time?

You know - the ones with the perfect families, maybe even with photos that were taken by professionals?
With the family in matching clothes and perfect hair?

Where no one has a dumb look on their faces and everyone is looking at the camera?

I certainly do...and I wonder why I can't ever quite get one of those done.

Our attempt at a halfway decent card looks something like this:
Silly faces

Smile please

Ok ~ just be serious

Look, smiling is easy!

Can we quit playing around and get this done???

Family - please, can everyone just look at the camera and not make weird googly eyes??
Next year - I am going to be more organized, hire a professional and make my family wear matching clothes. Of course it would help if we were able to be together all at the same time a little more frequently. Wonder if it would help if I schedule a day now?!?

We did actually get a couple of cute shots - but you'll have to wait and get your card in the mail. For those of you who I don't have addresses for I will try and post the finished product in a future post.
Thanks for humoring me, my sweet family. I love you all dearly!! Even if we aren't perfect.

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Holly said...

The outtakes are the best pics!! ;)