Saturday, December 11, 2010


Whew - this has been one crazy week!

The week started with one of the craziest days I have worked in a long time.....I was in charge, the board was completely black with patient names and the patients just kept on rolling in. I had laboring moms in observation beds, started patients in the recovery room, had to watch my
own patients and to top it off the computer monitoring system went down for a while! I felt as if I was drowning. So at one point while I was talking to the IT department, trying to get our system back up and running I used my cell phone to post on facebook that we were looking for help. Most of the comments from my work friends went something like..."uh no - I'd rather poke hot sticks in my eyeballs". (actually we did get extra help to come despite the initial rejections) At one point I had a mom in the operating room when another nurse called me and said her patient needed an emergency C/Section. Now that took quite a bit of reorganizing
as I had to rearrange staff, open a second room and find another anesthesiologist. UGH! By this time I just wanted to cry!! The baby was out in about 10 minutes I guess you could say that all is well that ends well ~ right!?!? Never mind that the nurses aren't getting a break!

Then Tuesday rolled around - I had to go back to the hospital for a conference with one of my hospice patients. Got that done, gave them a tour of the units...then rushed off to school. I was only 5 minutes late. Came home from that class to cram for my chemistry final. Michelle and I left plenty early to get there and get settled in to class. Oh my gosh - that was the hardest test I think that I have ever taken. We were both so glad to get it done ~ now if we can just find out the results. We both had an A in the class going in to the final...but the final was worth like 250 points and we both did s0-s0 on the exam. I have been checking the school website everyday ~ but so far no grades have been posted. Keep me in suspense why don't ya?!?

Wednesday I worked again. It is amazing to me how one day can be filled with patients then the next is quite manageable. I had the nicest couple who wanted no interventions for their birth and I was able to provide that for them. She was up and about for her entire labor and gave birth to a healthy baby boy without any medications or much assistance from me. It was wonderful and renewed my faith in my work.

That night our chemistry study group met for dinner and drinks - to celebrate the end of that brain stretching class. That was a nice treat!

Thursday I had to take my math test - that one was actually pretty easy and I passed the class with flying colors.
Took Penny to the vet for a checkup, immunizations, a bath and nail clipping. She weighs a whopping 96 pounds now. No wonder she is hard to walk - she walks me, not the other way around.

Thursday evening I had the honor of attending our pregnancy loss support group. The group was finishing up their current session and had asked me to attend their potluck. Many of the parents I know because of my work with the hospice program. It was wonderful to see the patients and to see their progress. I will say though that I felt so undeserving to be in their presence ~ it was if I was in a sacred place as they shared photos and special objects from their babies. I just didn't feel like I deserved to be included in such a special event. It was pretty awe inspiring, and I shed a tear or two as I read a letter that one of the patients gave me. I read it after the group was done. The letter was from the 12 year old daughter of one of my patients. In her careful cursive writing she thanked me for helping her family and for being there for them. It was such a special thank you note, one that I will treasure and save. But, who am I to deserve such adoration?? The families are the ones that have done so much more than me!!

Finally Friday rolled around - I wasn't sure I'd ever get there. It was the night of our unit Christmas party (yes, I am on the planning committee for this too....) The party came off with out a hitch! It was fun, the food was good, the venue different and nicer than in the past, the DJ was awesome and I think everyone had a good time. I never play the casino Buzz won me lots of tickets for the raffle prizes. I NEVER win though - no matter how many tickets I put in. Something just isn't right about that!!! I guess I am just not lucky at raffle draws...Most of the committee members stayed the night at the hotel - including Buzz and I. So we got up for a relaxed breakfast with the group. Thank goodness the planning is done. We didn't shed any blood as we struggled to get it all done!

Now I am just looking forward to somewhat of a down day tomorrow. I want to get our Christmas tree and start focusing on my family for the holiday. I haven't been able to do much because of school, planning the party and work...but this week should be better :)

Whew - that made me tired just doing a recap of the I'll leave you with a couple of silly party pictures.

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