Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Katie and Darlene

Tonight we got together to celebrate my niece Kaitlyn's birthday as well as my sister Darlene's. Kaitlyn got to choose the restaurant since she is here visiting from Oregon. She LOVES Joe's Crab Shack so that is where we went. And of course she ordered crab!

The restaurant is an eclectic, noisy, fun place to go with dancing and other antics. Those who order a steampot even get to wear a fancy bib. My sister's said, "Crab Mommy", my brother in law's said, "Crab Daddy", my husband's said, "King Crab" and of course Kaitlyn's was labeled, "Birthday Crab". She sure was happy...
Look at all of that yummy crab. Yum! My husband shared a few bites with me and it was delicious~I myself had fish and coconut shrimp which was also quite tasty.
At the end of our meal my sister and niece got to run around the restaurant as 'birthday fairies', spreading birthday pixie dust on other people. It was so funny - I just wish I had been fast enough to pull out my camera and videotape them.
Happy birthday Katie and Darlene!!

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