Sunday, February 13, 2011

Character Hunt

It was a wonderful day to spend a bit of time at the happiest place on earth.

One of the best things about getting in for free is you know you can just do whatever you want to do ~ you don't have to rush around, waiting in lines for rides. (rushing / those go together?) You know you can come back again and do the things you missed the last time.

Lily and I went to Disneyland to sign in my good friend, Diane. She had not been to Disneyland in 10 years or so. She knew she'd be staying all day and trying to fit in as many things as she possibly could.

Lily and I, on the other hand, decided to stay for just a couple of hours....our find some princesses...

So these aren't quite princesses, but they are pretty famous characters!
Mickey and his girlfriend, Minnie celebrating the Chinese New Year.
Then we ran in to these guys. I can never remember which one is Chip and which one is Dale. Lily doesn't care - she loves them both!
Next thing you know we see these guys...Woody and Jesse. About this time Lily asked for paper as she saw other kids getting autographs. Guess I need to get her one of those autograph books.

We took a break from our hunt and rode the teacups. Lily had been talking about this ride since our last visit at Disneyland. Actually though, she doesn't really like the ride. She'd rather watch people on it than spin around herself.
Off to the princess area we went. Lily asked to have her face painted. She wanted a 'sea crown' like the little Mermaid. She loved checking herself out after the work was completed.
The finished can't see it but it was all glittery too.
Finally we found a princess or two. Ariel from the little mermaid.
And Tiana from A Princess and a frog. The picture is a bit blurry - but she was so pretty!
Lastly~ Princess Minnie!
That was a nice way to spend the afternoon!
We are already making plans for our next adventure~

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