Thursday, February 10, 2011


Work was crazy busy today...and to top it off, I was working antepartum (remember that I have a love/hate relationship with that part of my job).

I only had two patients and thank God the one was very low maintenance because my other one was quite ill.
Can you imagine being pregnant and so very ill that you have to be hospitalized??
I spent well over two hours with the one patient before I even was able to make morning rounds on the stable patient. I kept telling myself that she would call if she needed something. I told myself that I was, 'letting her sleep in"....right!! I couldn't get enough done fast enough with the sickee to get to the stable one. I felt behind all day long...
Sometimes you just need to prioritize and stay with the one who really needs you.

I couldn't wait to get home and shower off all of the influenza A virus (flu)...and I better not get sick!!

At least I have had both the flu shot and an H1N1 vaccination.It was recommended that all of us that were exposed to the patient take a prevention dose of Tamiflu.
My doctor didn't want to order any Tamiflu for me. He said he would rather wait until I have symptoms, then order it to help shorten the duration of any flu. Oh well, I hear it is really expensive anyways.

Guess I will just take my chances,cross my fingers, and hope I showered all of the 'yuckies' away!


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