Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Think

I passed my EKG test - I think.

I rocked my poster presentation - I think.

I passed my first BSN class - I think.

I got the rest of my errands done that I needed to get done before I leave for Berkeley - I think.

I know that I like the lyrics of this song by Chris Sligh.
I want to live my life this way ~ to purpose to live a life that loves because Christ loves...

"I wanna love because You loved

I wanna give because You gave

I wanna reach my hand out to the lost

'Cause I know Your hand will save

Have to wonder if I really want to know

The struggle and the pain that others feel

Do I want to hear the stories I see echoed in their eyes?

Or is this love I say that I'm reflecting even real?

Just let me be Your hands

(Only You can save)

Let me be Your eyes

(Only you can save)

Help me understand

(Only you can save)

That I'm Your hands and feet

Hidden behind this frail human disguise"

To listen to the whole song....scroll down to my playlist on the right hand column and turn that off / pause that for a moment. Then click on the link below. I just heard this song tonight for the first time and the lyrics spoke to me. Enjoy

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