Monday, February 21, 2011


Today, I received an unexpected day off of work...what a nice surprise. I was hoping that it would be slow enough that I could leave early. Every day at work has just been so busy lately so when the phone rang this morning, I was caught a little off guard. At first, I said,"No, better just come in" , but when they said they only had a couple of patients, I took my chances. Chances that paid off for I did not get called in and had the whole day off!

It ended up being a really good day.

I am getting ready to head up to Berkeley, (to present at a conference), then to Ohio, so I felt that I had so many things to accomplish before I could head out of town. I was beginning to stress a bit that I'd never get things done before we leave. Today I was able to get some of those things crossed of my list...

I finished all three of our FASFA's! For those of you who don't have college age students, these are forms that you have to fill out each year in order to get any financial aid,
including loans. They have to be done before March 1st and you need to have all of your tax information before you fill out the forms also. So that was weighing heavily on me. I knew that I could not head out of town with those left undone. We never get any grants or free money...but it does help us to get the loans we need for both girls and myself to go to school.

I filed Erika's taxes.

I ran by the mall to get a new purse. I needed a new travel purse - one that crosses over the body and leaves my hands just feels safer to me for some reason. It is roomy enough for the things I need to take - including the great pockets on the front for my iphone. Plus it has two zippered pockets on the inside. I sort-of can't wait to use it :)
I went to the grocery store to stock up on some things for the kids while I am gone. I even cooked dinner ~ which I don't do very often. It was actually sort of relaxing...

I studied for my EKG class for skills day tomorrow. That test always gives me palpitations!!

My last project for my current class is done....Can't believe I have finished one class of the BSN program already. (Excuse the color - I should have taken a photo of it during the day when it was light looks better in person.) I'm glad that I have stuck with the program so far. It is a challenge, but I think that I have proven to myself that I can do it! I'm hoping that my presentation goes well tomorrow night.

I've a few more things to get done before we drive up north later in the week. Having a surprise day off today though sure has helped!

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