Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Final Surgery

Dad has had his final surgery (we hope) for his cancer on his nose.

I am so comforted knowing that my friends are giving him the best care that he can receive. It makes it easier for me to watch him be wheeled off to surgery knowing that his doctors and nurses are people who I care about and care about me and my family. I know that they will treat him as one of their own.
He normally has the same anesthesiologist (whom we all love!)
His plastic surgeon is the sweet, tiny, unassuming young lady. She wouldn't let us take photos of her...even when we promised we wouldn't post any on the internet. She is one of the best plastic surgeons around but is not pompous or arrogant. She is like family now to us and they all love my dad. They say he is "so calm and easy going". The anesthesiologist said we could "probably just give him a stick to bite on." I just tell them that Dad has always been like this. But as someone who works in the patient care industry it is nice to have easy going patients on occasion.

Dad is going to heal up just fine. He already looks so much better without the nose flap and you you can hardly see the scar that crosses his entire forehead. The plastic surgeon will probably still thin out the nostril area where the graft was done. First he has to undergo some radiation treatments. Once we see how that affects things then his plastic surgeon will clean it up just a bit. She said that could be done in the office though, using local anesthetic.

Here's a picture of my Dad in the recovery room...smiling just an hour post-op!
I am glad this part of his treatment is behind us. I love you dad and am glad you are healing up well! Can't wait to see what it all looks like 6 months from now.
Dad - you are a rock star and a hero in my book!
Love you bunches, Debbie

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