Friday, August 26, 2011

Hume Lake

I have been on the 'per-diem' staff at Hume Lake Christian Camps for a few years now. Originally I started working up there so that I could go with my daughters to camp. I could be where they were but not working directly in their cabin. I could still be involved in their lives without actually being so much in their face...I could meet their friends. I could get to know other young people from church. I didn't have to be in a cabin 24/7 with a bunch of teenagers. And my daughters got to go to camp for half price (which really helped in my single mom days).

But then I fell in love with Hume Lake Christian camp. Fell in love with the beauty of the place. It is up in the Sequoia's. Fell in love with the view, the trees, the clean air. Fell in love with the mission of the camp and the difference they make in people's lives. Fell in love with the people who run the place. Fell in love with the food. Just plain ole' got Hume Lake in my system.

I have worked summer camps, singles camp, New Year's family camp, Thanksgiving family camp, winter camp. I have taken my niece and other friends so that they can get to know Hume Lake. The work is challenging for it is different than what I do everyday. I have to think and react in ways that I don't when I am in a hospital. It keeps me on my toes. It challenges my first aid skills and advanced cardiac skills. You just see so many different types of injuries and illnesses up there. And one day - I think it would be fun to actually deliver a baby while I am there. Now wouldn't that be exciting??

I haven't been able to go up much in the past year or two. It is a 6 hour drive for me and with working and going to school there just hasn't been the opportunity to go. But that is changing :) Buzz and I are going up September 16-18th for the next couples conference. We are excited for a bit of a break. Excited to see old friends. Maybe even learn a thing or two. If you are free you should join us. We stay in the infirmary but they have lovely rooms in the lodge and great food. You definitely don't walk away hungry! Take a sneak peak below and don't forget to turn down the volume on my play list so that the two don't compete for your listening attention!

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