Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Help

I read the book when it came out and this weekend Erika and I had a mother - daughter date and went to see the movie.
It was very good.
Well, not quite as good as the book but I will probably buy the DVD version when it is released. It is so hard to imagine that people actually lived like these black housekeepers did. In our country. And not so long ago.

I grew up with, and still have, many black friends. When I was in high school, I played on a field hockey team that only had two white girls on the team. So to see a film where the was such division is a little foreign to me. I know that it was and probably still is like this in many areas of our country. But, to me, they were all my friends. There were no differences based on skin color. I am glad that I was able to grow up in an area that is so diverse. It has helped me be a nurse that can give care ~ regardless of race or status.

Being a bit of a rebel that I am, I think I would have been like Skeeter. I would have been looking for the truth and trying to make a difference. I could never see myself as one of the bridge club players or having a maid to raise my children. I'd be the one trying to expose the lies of that time...
If you want to see a good chick flick - The Help is one to see.

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