Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my parents!
This year they have been married for 52 years.
They have seen good times and bad times and have stuck it out.
They are a shining example of how Christ intended marriage to be.
They put each other first (well, most of the time)
And they actually still like each other.
They met many years ago on a country road when my dad stopped to help my mom with a flat tire.
Then he married her and whisked her out of Ohio - clear across the country to California.
My Grandma cried and my mom's friend said she still hasn't forgiven my dad. (though we have done many a trip back to Ohio)
They raised four children and now have 8 living grandchildren.
They have always placed family first.
And have always been there for each one of us.
They still enjoy doing things together and allow for each other to do their own things too.
They have traveled (a perk of working for the airlines).
And now that they are retired they have more time for doing fun things like going to the casino :)
Most of all, they have displayed love.
See, doesn't my mom still look giddy about my dad???
Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!
Have a fun day, whatever you decide to do.
And thanks for showing me what love is all about.
Love you bunches,


Holly said...

happy anniversary!

Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

Wow! This is a perfect example of loving a person though his/her hairs are already gray. Ah, I suddenly remember the movie, The Notebook. Unchanging love yet with changing ages and years. :)

Peny@best scrubs