Thursday, February 23, 2012


My room is so quiet...There is no one here but little ole me and it is kinda weird.

I'm used to semi-chaos.  For years my home was filled with chidren and their friends.  As they grew things changed and I found myself home alone more frequently.  Well, that is except for the dogs and the whiny cat.  So, it is never completely quiet and I always have 'things' to do.

Today, I drove down to San Diego.  By myself.  It was a lovely, sunny drive.  Then I checked in to a hotel and spent some time alone.

I am attending the California chapter AWHONN meeting.  I saw a couple of old friends earlier.  They invited me to go along on a trolley ride with them but I declined.

I chose to come down early and just relax for a day...I went to the mall, grabbed dinner, finished reading a book, came back to my room and called it a night by 7 pm.  After a nice warm bath and hot cup of tea I have been watching what ever I want to on T.V.  It is fun...just different...I guess I am not used to being totally alone. 

Tomorrow I will be surrounded by L&D and NICU nurses.  We will be learning all about new trends in the OB world.  And I will be more social tomorrow, I will network and learn all I can in the hopes of taking something back to my workplace.

For tonight, I will just relish in this quiet weirdness and watch a good movie!

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irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Enjoy!!! The drive sounds amazing and the quietness sounds even better!!!