Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Chaos. Webster's defines it as, "a state of utter confusion" & "the inherent unpredictability in the behavior of a complex natural system".
My life has felt a little chaotic this past week...

Trying to keep up on the house - I'm loosing.
Attempting to pass algebra - an utter brain freeze for me!
Planning my parents 50th wedding anniversary and making 80 invitations to mail out - which are now printed, envelopes addressed and on their way to the guests....
Watching the cutest granddaughter there ever was.
Wanting to just relax a read a good book.
And trying to keep up at work and do the best job there that I can.

Last week, some weird things happened at work that threw an even different curve in to my chaotic week. I had gotten to know a family in our hospice program and went in to care for her while she delivered. All went well...
But it wasn't what we had predicted. Things just went a little 'different'. Now I know that I am not in control of all things (though I like to be...) but all I could think was, "here I go on that learning curve again". It felt so, well - just chaotic. Not right. Not how it was supposed to be.
We had babies that were supposed to die - not die, babies that were supposed to be 'normal' - die, mom's be sick and just goofy stuff.
A dad recently said to me, "We started off excited, then had to change paths to prepare for a different experience, and then it all changed again. If feels like a crazy roller-coaster. How am I to prepare?" All I could do was agree and validate his feelings.
And it got me thinking....I really don't have many answers.
My biggest response is normally, "I don't know". "I don't know how to prepare". "I don't know why God does what he does". I just plain "don't know"

So....Sunday's message this week?? "When God Orders Chaos" ~ fitting isn't it?!?! This isn't to say that God brings about the chaos...he brings order to it....
Let me explain,
Life is chaotic but there is reason for hope. Romans 5:20 says,'where sin is increased, grace abounded all the more'. God is not the instigator of chaos, not the author of confusion. Sometimes He allows it to bring about His good and perfect purposes and plan. God does not cause chaos. He brings order in to the midst of it. Chaos will always exist because we live in a fallen, broken world.
(thanks Pastor Mike for letting me steal your words).

I still often have to say, "I don't know"

But there are some things that I know for sure...
~God's word is powerful all by itself
~There is always hope
~Jesus can save from anything
~Our acceptance of God, necessitates adjustment on our part

Life is still chaotic....yet, there is a measure of peace...and that is where I will rest....


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