Sunday, May 23, 2010

Still My Young One

I've always known that mom's worry about their babies. Are they eating enough, warm enough,safe enough, do they get vaccines or not, are they getting all of the right stimulation?
Then they grow a bit and go to school. The worry continues ~ are they at the right school, do they have the best teacher, are they picking good friends, eating their lunch, staying safe, getting the right stimulation?

Then they get to high school ~ and you still worry...are they in the right classes, are their brains being stimulated, are they involved in any worthwhile activities, are they safe, free from drugs and violence, are they making good friend choices? Are they eating properly for their growing bodies? You cross your fingers that they will graduate and go on to college and not become a pregnant teen statistic or a drop out.

Then it is the college years ~ how will we pay for advanced education, are they at the right school, choosing the right major, eating good foods? Do they have good room-mates and friends, are they stimulated? Are they safe,will they ever call home, do they still need me?

But what really surprises me is how, even after they become an adult and have children of their own, you still worry about them ~ are they safe, are they happy, are they employed, do they have enough money, a roof over their heads, food to eat and friends to enjoy? Do they have insurance and access to medical care?
I find myself struggling with this as I see my grown son trying to put it all together and find a better job. There is such a mom part of me that wants to step in and try to fix all of his struggles....but I can't...I may be able to offer advice or a loan to fix the car but I can't do it all anymore.
So I worry and pray and hope it all ends up OK. I know it will - for time has taught me that things do work out but I still am the mom and moms worry. I guess I just didn't realize that the momma thing never completely goes away.


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