Saturday, May 29, 2010

Welcome Baby Madison

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of welcoming a new little girl in to the world.

I have been friends with Tony and Nancy for 7-8 years. I met them at church and Nancy and I used to attend a Bible study together where I got to know her well and hence got to know her family well. Tony and Nancy have two children ~ Crystal and Spencer...who I have seen grow up over the years. Crystal went to school with my girls, though they did not hang out in the same group of friends. Earlier this year, Tony and Nancy had told me that Crystal was expecting and they were hoping that she would deliver where I work. I too hoped that she would...mostly so that I could be the first one to say, "Grandpa" and "Grandma" to them! Not really - I wanted to care for Crystal too.

Yesterday, May 28th happened to be the day that little Madison would be born. I had a conference to attend so I wasn't sure that I was going to be able make the delivery. I kept in touch with the hospital (thank goodness for texting!!!) and I knew that she was in good hands with the nurses that were taking care of her. By the time my conference was over, Crystal was 5-6 cm. Yeah...I would make it.
I drove from one hospital to the next, and changed in to my scrubs. By then Crystal was 7 cm. I called home to let them know I would be home late and not to wait up for me. Crystal did amazing! By 7 pm she was complete and the little head was almost showing without even pushing!! We called the doctor in and Madison was born at 7:30 pm after only 4 or 5 pushes.
She has a head full of dark hair and is just beautiful.
Congratulations to the entire family! Leo and Crystal ~ may you find parenthood to be a joyful experience...with more fun than trials. And, Tony & Nancy ~ welcome to the world of grand-parenting!! It is such a special experience.

Here's to Leo and Crystal - their last picture with just the two of them
The family. Including Grandpa Tony, Grandma Nancy and Uncle Spencer.
Wish I had looked this good two pushes before I gave birth. Doesn't she look great!?!
Many dads get to cut the cord of their newborn...but not many get to say they actually helped deliver their baby. Leo did just that. He held Madison's head then reached down and lifted her out and up on to Crystal. None of us were quite prepared for we didn't get the best pictures but here is one little shot that sort of captures the event.
And right up to momma she goes...

Initial care is done right on the mother. The baby gets assessed, gets vital signs done, diapered and then goes straight skin to skin. All without every leaving the mother's arms.
Skin to skin is the best thing for new babies and moms

The stats: 8 pounds 3 ounces, 20 1/2 inches long

You know we and newborn feet...I just think they are the cutest little things - well in this case they are long ones

Tony, Nancy and I. It was a pleasure helping to bring your granddaughter into the world!

Even after all of these years, and hundreds of births ~ I never seem to tire of childbirth. So glad that I was able to find a job that I love and where I hopefully can make the experience a good one for the families.
Happy BIRTH day Madison!
Welcome to our world. May you grow in the love of your family and live a long and happy life!


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Holly said...

Happy Birthday Madison!! I'm glad you have a career you enjoy so much!!!