Friday, May 21, 2010

I heart AAA

This morning Lily and I met my good friend Heather for breakfast at this cute little spot in Old Towne Orange called Kimmie's Coffee Cup. The food was quite yummy and I really enjoyed being able to catch up with Heather.

Heather and I started our relationship as a nurse / patient one....but we quickly changed that to a friendship. Heather has 3 boys (whom I got to help deliver) and a great husband. She is one of those people that is always there for you and we can go weeks without seeing each other ~ but the minute we get together it is like we just saw each other the day before. We talk and laugh and just share our life stories.
It was great seeing her again!

Lily was so well behaved and loved her mickey shaped pancakes. I always have fun when babysitting that little girl. She is turning in to quite the social one and loves to get out and do things. It is getting easier to take her places since she is older. It is just too fun!

After breakfast I wanted to go run a few errands with Lily and then go to the park. So, we get to the car, get her all safely buckled in and I go to start the car.......and car just made a weird sound and was dead. I glanced back at Lily and told her we had a slight problem. The car was broke and wouldn't start. She just smiled and thought that was pretty funny.

Luckily I have a membership to AAA. I am so thankful that I do. I called them and they were there within 30 minutes. Not only did the service man test my battery to jump start it for me but he replaced the battery right there on the spot. It was so nice to have such prompt, quick service! I would have totally stressed if I was stranded there with a little one!

AAA - you have my heart and loyalty for years to come!


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Holly said...

They sure do come in handy!!!