Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm Whipped

Wow - what a week this has been. I've worked and had school every other day....but that is sort of normal for me. What has made this week so exhausting is the amount of patients we have had. Tuesday we put 38 patients to bed and today L&D was busting at the seams again. I only did one delivery - to a cute little blond baby :) - but I had a few other patients that I took care of during the day. I am so glad that I wasn't in charge today. It is more stressful when I am in charge. So today I got to do what I love best ~ and that is provide good patient care. I only wish that there were a few less patients to provide that care to!

Tonight I am whipped. No energy. No drive to get anything else done. And there are really so many other things I should be getting done - but I guess those other things will just have to wait.
Tomorrow I am off to an OB Conference and I know a girl from church that is getting induced so I will probably head back to the unit tomorrow afternoon to do her delivery. The whipping continues yet I see light at the end of the tunnel for I have the weekend off...

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