Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome Nathanael John

I recently had the privilege of witnessing the birth of a little boy named Nathanael.

I know - I see birth everyday...but it is not every day that someone asks me to be present at their birth just to be present at their birth. I count it all joy that someone would trust me enough to want me there. To want me there to assist them in one of the most special events in their life. But they did. They asked and I went. My friends Melody and Peter were expecting their first child together and asked if I wouldn't mind coming to be their support person.

I actually met Melody at another delivery. Peter's sister was having a baby and brought Melody to meet every one at the if that isn't pressure, I don't know what is. I feel in love with Melody's sweet spirit that day and was so happy when Peter and Melody decided to get married. And quite soon - they were expecting a child. Melody was not delivering where I work ~ yet she wanted me there.

The hospital where they delivered is a sister hospital to the one that I work at...which was quite interesting to me. To be to be able to see how things are done elsewhere is always a fun thing. Yet, all I kept thinking was - they wanted me there to support them and how special is that!?! But, I will say - it is hard to not jump in there and want to do the physical work, hard to not want to read the baby heart rate pattern and intervene if I need to, hard to not do a vaginal exam, hard to not say, "Come on - let her push already!" You sort of have to get out of your clinical / medical role and just BE in the friendship role. To just BE there for them.

So not only did I get to go and be support for them but I also took a few pictures for them ~ that way Peter was able to just witness the birth and not be caught up in the 'job' of picture taking.

Introducing Nathanael John
Born on Sunday evening, April 25, 2010 at 8:56 pm
One of his very first pictures - taken seconds after he arrived

Look at those chubby cheeks
and that healthy looking cord!

I happen to have a thing for little hands and little feet. I just want to kiss them.
They are God's perfect perfection to me.

9 pounds even / 21 inches long...and all boy

First family photo
Congratulations Peter and Melody!! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your birth experience and reminding me how special new life is. And reminding me that sometimes one just needs to sit back and take in the experience . I am so glad that we have gotten to know each other and am honored to call you my friends. You have one special little boy there and I know you will love and cherish him. God has certainly blessed you. Can't wait to see you guys again and to hold that little bundle!!

Happy BIRTHday Nathanael

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