Tuesday, May 18, 2010

They Say it is Good Luck

My patient today was quietly waiting for the doctor to arrive for her delivery, and for a change the bag of water was still intact. As we were waiting, the bag of waters started to come out - which looks pretty cool (well to a nurse like me it does anyways) then a few contractions later the baby head started to come out too.

Now, I have been in on many a delivery so I don't tend to get too nervous...but really ~ we are not supposed to be doing the delivery. That is what the doctor is for.

I coached her through a very smooth delivery ~ with the head coming out in to the bag of water ~ I reached around the head, felt the little nose and just peeled the bag away from the baby's face. And of course the baby started to cry so then, I just lifted her up on to her mommy's tummy.

It is supposed to be good luck when a baby is born in the bag of water. So she is going to be one lucky little girl!


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Holly said...

Hey the baby's gonna come whether the dr is ready or not! lol Great job!