Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Yikes - I have finals tomorrow and I am so unprepared..or at least that is how I feel.
I am stressed.
I am nervous.
I am trying to study but keep getting distracted.
I really just want to read a good book.
I just want to hang out with my children and grand-daughter.
I want to be with my husband.

But I will continue to try to learn this crazy algebra stuff....even though it doesn't make me a better nurse!

Incase you are wondering...let me explain why I am back in school...

I started my education as a psychology major way back a hundred years ago. Then when I had Jon and was exposed to the hospital and nurses, I decided that I really didn't want to just sit around and listen to people's problems. I thought that a nurse would fit my personality so much more. It was challenging enough to keep my interest, and I could use my empathy listening skills to care for people. I still listen to people's problems - I just get to do it while starting an IV or some other task now.

So, back to the school thing...I ended up just getting an AA in nursing, since that is all I needed for an entry level job way back then. I worked about 5 years in med/ surg then did an internship to learn how to be a labor and delivery nurse. I always wanted to go back for that BSN (bachelor's in nursing) but then I ended up being a single mom for many years and going back to school just wasn't a priority for me. I needed to work and all of my spare time was spent where it should be - and that was with my children.

Once both of my girls graduated from high school and embarked on their college journey's I decided to go back along with them. (Erika is attending Biola University, Michelle is at California State University @ Long Beach, while I am saving pennies and attending the local community college)God forbid they get a bachelor's while I sit around just dreaming that I had one. I had to take a couple of pre-reqs to get in to an RN to BSN program. I could do the program at the same time as my pre-reqs but I decided that I still wanted to have a life so chose to do it one step at a time. Hence the algebra class....thank goodness it is my last algebra class. I still have statistics to do during the RN to BSN program but I will deal with that when I get there. I have a couple of minor classes to take and hope to be in the program next spring.

Some days, like today, I wonder why the heck I am doing this.
Then I have to stop and remind myself that I have always wanted this and hopefully it will make me smarter, some how a better nurse, and maybe one day I can even strive for a MSN.
I think the girls will finish way before I do - but I won't be far behind!


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