Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Erika is Home

Erika is home!!

She left the hospital on oral antibiotics and pain medication. I am happy to have her home - I only wish that she were feeling better! This has been one long flu and now on top of that she has that painful abscess. Vicodin helps with the pain. Her nausea is better and she is able to keep food down again.

I am just hanging around home incase she needs anything. I had planned on doing things with my sister and her girls....but Erika is my priority. I have been able to finish scanning photos for my parents slide show for their 50th anniversary party. Praying that Erika feels better by Sunday!!!

Part of me is bummed that this is how we are spending 'vacation', yet another part is glad that I already had the time scheduled off of work. That way I can just hang out here at home. Maybe I should just go sit in the same room with her and read a good book....

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