Saturday, June 5, 2010


I got an unexpected day off today - well, so far anyways.
Work called this morning to ask if I wanted to stay home. I said yes, without hesitating. Normally I refuse the on-call and just go in to work. But, I was ready for an unexpected day off.
I've been so busy with work, school, and extra stuff at home that having a little free time has been quite nice!

I organized some work stuff on the computer.
I booked my flight and hotel for an upcoming conference.
I read some of this past weeks newspaper.
I played with Lily.
I started to clean off the kitchen table (so we can actually eat there!)
I re-organized notebooks for school and tossed out the stuff I no
longer needed.
I organized a few things for my parents anniversary party.

Productive? - yes Needed? - yes Wasted? - no
I think I will be ready to go back tomorrow :)

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