Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 50th Anniversary

My parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage today!50 years...that is an entire life time. So much has changed...from outdoor bathrooms to beautiful indoor ones. From big black and white TV's that just get a few channels to flatscreen, fancy, color TV's with hundreds of channels to choose from. From phones that had a party line on them to small cell phones that we all carry with us. And of course, this fun thing called the internet where we can stay in touch with friends and family across the country. I think the only thing that has not changed is my dad's hair style.

My parents met in 1959 on a country road in Ohio ~ over a flat tire. Dad had to stop and help the damsel in distress. Little did he know that God was orchestrating a love connection that would last a lifetime and produce 4 children, 8 grandchildren and a great grand-daughter. But God knew...
They were married in a small country church on a Wednesday afternoon in 1960. Dad had to report to a new job out in California so they packed up all they owned in the trunk and left that very Wednesday to drive across the country. What trust and love my mom must have had in her new husband!!!
Off to California they set - to the land of sun, beaches, Hollywood and that new adventure park called Disneyland. I can only imagine their disbelief when the showed up for that new job in El Centro, California.
Lucky, Dad had gotten a job with the airlines so they were able to travel frequently back to Ohio to visit family.
My parents have stuck it out through thick and thin for 50 years. They have been a shining example of love, sacrifice and forgiveness. They still love each other today as much as they did back in 1960...maybe more...
They raised a beautiful family. Teaching us right from wrong. They modeled love and instilled in us the importance of family.

They also maintained many friendships over the years. Friends from the neighborhood, work, church and even friends from Ohio that stayed as close as family across all of those miles. Relationships were and are important to them.
Today we are having a celebration party to celebrate their marriage and commitment to each other. 50 years - that is quite an accomplishment. We are having a big, reception type party that they never had when they got married. Family and friends have traveled many miles to join us and I know it is going to be a fun time.Congratulations Mom and Dad on 50 years of marriage and a life well lived! May you have many more anniversaries to celebrate (just don't ask me to throw another big party like the one we are having today). I love you both!!!Debbie

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