Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bucket List

Some of you already know this....but I have one crazy bucket list item...
That is to:
Deliver a baby somewhere a little at Disneyland, or Hume Lake Christian Camp, or the mall, or along the side of the freeway.
I think it would be fun, scary and just a bit challenging.  But I'd love to have that opportunity. Weird I know.

Well, the other day it almost happened....almost but not quite.
I took a patient to a room, she went to change in the bathroom.
She looked like she was hurting but not ready to push and never complained about the need to push.
Well, as you can probably guess I hear. "I think the baby is coming!"
I'm alone in the room with her.
Nothing is set up for the patient just got there.
Luckily I had gloves on as I was cleaning the wheelchair.
I checked and sure enough....the head is half out.
I pull the emergency cord.
I think to myself (in a matter of seconds) I lay her on the floor, sit her on the toilet, or help her to the bed?

Long story short - she agrees to walk back to the bed....we must have looked pretty funny - me holding the head and she wobbling back to bed.
No sooner did she lie down that her healthy little girl was born - and by then I had help in the room as well as blankets and even a doctor.

(a different baby....I didn't actually have a camera handy for this quick delivery - HA!)

I was so close to my bucket list event ~  just need it to be in the bathroom at  Target. Ha!


irishtwinsmommababybook said...


So great to see you are out and about the blogging world again!

Theresa said...

I thought I was the only one who had that on my bucket list!