Sunday, January 29, 2012

Turning 4

Four years ago today you graced us with your presence ~
I wasn't quite ready to be a grandma.  I wasn't quite ready to think that I might be getting older.  I wasn't quite ready to see our lives change so much.  I wasn't quite ready to know that the next generation was coming.
Then I heard that you were growing.  I got excited to meet you.  I got ready to find out who you were.
Your mom and dad decided not to find out if you were a boy or a girl.  I didn't really care...all I really wanted was for you to be healthy and whole.

After a long night and day of labor your daddy finally brought you out to us...and with tears in his eyes and love in his voice, he said, "It's a girl!" And they named you Lillean Victoria (we call you Lily now, though I love your long, regal name)

Boy, did I fall for you in a heartbeat.  You were finally here.  You were healthy.  You had ten fingers and ten toes.  I had adjusted to the idea of having a grand-baby, yet still couldn't adjust to being called "grandma", so in honor of your Hispanic heritage we decided that you would call me, "Lita".  That I could handle.  That didn't sound so old. But, no matter what you call me, you were and are beautiful and oh so adored.

Today you had a party to celebrate your fourth birthday.  The past four years have flown by.  You have grown from a beautiful baby in to a beautiful little girl.  You are funny and spontaneous.  You are obedient.  You are curious.  You are athletic.  You love dolls and barbies and princesses and animals of all kinds.  I often try to remember a time when you weren't here and wonder where we'd be if there were no Lily.  And I keep falling in love with you.

Happy 4th Birthday Lily!!

The day was sunny and warm - perfect for an outdoor party!

Daddy and Nessa cooked us a good meal and many of your family members were able to come celebrate with you.
Daddy and his little girl

Daddy, Vanessa and Lily
Great grandma and grandpa
Daddy, Nessa, Papa Buzz and Uncle Rudy
Auntie E and Tim came.
Nana and Auntie Abby.
Of course your G-Diddy (grandpa) was there as well as your Auntie Shel.
Auntie Abby, Auntie Annette, Louisa and Papa were there too.

Mitch and Auntie Shel                                                                
And they all brought you presents:

And of course a puppy for you to enjoy.
 You had a princess cake 

I loved how you would open a gift an exclaim, "Oh, I really wanted this!", or "Oh, I love these!"  You are such a good gift opener...and you made everyone laugh as you would look at each card, act as if you were reading it and say, "Happy Birthday Lily"

The traditional money pull on the brown paper end...and out rolls cash!

I love the joy you expressed - wonderfully captured in this photo:
The Hello Kitty scooter was one of your favorite presents.

Then it was on to the pinata.  You tried so hard to hit it.  You really wanted to break it open and you didn't like that Daddy put a blindfold on you.  You were a good sport about it though.

Auntie E giving it a try

Then you attacked the thing and broke it open.
Papa Buzz and Auntie E dumping out all of the candy.
I love you so much little girl.  It was such a fun day having a party to celebrate you!  May you continue to explore your world with the wonderful curiosity that you posses.
You are our precious child ~

You and your favorite gift - Thanks Daddy!
"Dad, Watch how fast I am!"

Happy 4th Birthday!!
Love you bunches,


amanda_cake said...

Looks like she had a great birthday, what a beautiful little girl!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Happy (belated) birthday to yoye sweet granddaughter! We have an Auntie E too! :)