Monday, January 16, 2012


Sometimes life gets in the way of the things that I like to do...
like blog
like read (not textbooks)
like play with Lily
like go to lunch with friends
like sit and do nothing - HA!

Life just is busy....
I finished statistics and a research class - passed both thank goodness.
The holidays came and went...AND I was able to get out cards with a short letter.
We demolished the kitchen and we are now waiting on's an empty, gutted, cold room right now.
We have the kitchen 'prepped' for those new cupboards.
Took one dog to the vet and get her caught up on her vaccines.
Started about boring reading.
Have added more patients to our comfort care program - so in addition to working full time in labor and delivery I am busy seeing patients on the outside at home or their doctor's office.

But somehow I still find time to see my parents, go out with my hubby and take Lily to places like the Discovery Center. (we are wanting to add horse back riding lessons to our time together too)

It is a full life
It is a busy life
Definitely not a boring life
A life that I wouldn't trade.....except I wish I could blog, relax, pleasure read and sleep more often...HA!

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