Monday, January 23, 2012

Neonatal Resuscitation

Every two years we need to renew our neonatal resuscitation certification.
This year we are using the 6th edition book and there are a few changes...such as using an oxygen saturation monitor and adjusting the oxygen use according to that.
Oxygen has been found to be harmful at some levels so the medical community is starting to use less in an effort to prevent harm.
This is all explained in the new book:

Some babies need a little help at delivery.
Some don't breath spontaneously for whatever reason.
Some are born premature.
Some have a traumatic birth due to labor complications.
This is why the labor and delivery staff is trained to handle these babies.
Yes, most deliveries happen without a hitch - but in the event something does happen, you'd want your caregivers to be up to date on all of the recent changes.
Right?  Hence, the need to train and update.

So, every couple of years - you buy the new NRP book
You read the book, study it as much as you can, then you are expected to take an online exam.
You have to pass the exam, print your certificate, the do a mega code, or simulation with an instructor to show that you are capable of resuscitation a newborn.

Doesn't sound too hard - right?  Especially since I've been attending births for 20 years.  You'd think I'd have this resuscitation thing down.
Well, I have to say that this 6th edition has been the hardest exam that I can remember.
It is broken up in to 9 exams. You have to pass each exam.  If you fail one section twice then you have to pay to start over.  The only good thing is that the tests are no longer timed so that takes a little of the pressure off.
Well, I failed chapter 4 - the chapter on compressions (just once though - passed it on the second go round)....
Since my experience I have had other nurses call me or text me in a panic because they too have failed certain parts.  I think the exam questions are just harder.  I really don't think that we all fail at helping babies at deliveries.

The algorithm is slightly different - but not too much.

So why all of the panic?
One, we all want to keep our jobs.  And, most nurses are perfectionists, so to "fail" doesn't sit right with us. Oh, and none of us wants to pay to retake the exam!
I have become the "go to person" to help those that fail the exam...I've had people text me whole exams and we work through the questions.  I've gone to friend's homes and sat with them as they worked through the exam.  Even my friend in Oregon used my experience to help her.
Today, another friend called and we talked it through.  We are all passing!!
I think I could probably teach the class at this point since I have reviewed it with so many friends.  I just wish it wasn't so stressful for everyone getting to this point.  Yes, it is good to review and update.  Even if we do struggle to get through the exam.  I can only hope that the mega code later this week is survivable ~

For this is what we all want in the end:

A healthy, pink, screaming baby!

P.S. ~ Don't forget to thank your health care provider for doing all they need to do to stay up to date!


Zazzy Episodes said...

Yikes huh! I'm just glad you're willing to help your coworkers out. Hey maybe that's why you got that great gift too?

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Wow!!! I remember seeing a picture like the first one listed in the NICU that Ava was in. Good for you!!! I always appreciated those classmates that would help me.