Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wrapped in Sterile Surgical Towel

How many of you can say that you receive gifts that are wrapped in blue, sterile, surgical towels??
Well, I can!
I went to work and found this lovingly wrapped gift in my shoe cubby.
No card, no explanation, just a name on the label ~

I'm sure the wrapping was part of hiding contraband in the hospital...
But I'm not sure why my friend gave it to me.
I don't remember doing anything for her that she wanted to say thanks for.
It wasn't my birthday.
It wasn't Christmas.
It wasn't my anniversary.
She left me a gift none the less.
That is the type of person that I work with.  We support each, we care about each other and sometimes we do random acts of kindness just for the heck of it.
A gift with a different wrapping, and probably only something a nurse would do for another nurse ~
Thanks Marsha!!
Your gift will be used wisely - like when I need some creative spark for homework or need to unwind from the place that gives us a paycheck.
Love you bunches, love your wrap job...though I still don't know why you gave me a gift  :)


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Sometimes just saying Thank you covers it. As a giver of gifts whenever the urge strikes me, I get those looks from people too. "It's not my birthday!" S'Ok, I can't remember when your birthday really is, so have this token now and we'll still be rocking with each other whatever the date.

Zazzy Episodes said...

Some days words are not enough when you're in the trenches with your co-workers. Sometimes you're so thankful to be working alongside amazing people you just want to let them know how incredibly wonderful they are. This must have been how Marsha felt for you. That means you're super awesome!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

That is a pretty sweet wrapping job. Haha. And I'm sure a well deserved gift!