Wednesday, March 9, 2011

4th Place Finish

Wow - the Biola girls claimed a fourth place victory spot in the NAIA indoor nationals!! That is quite a feat considering all of the teams that were competing.

Coach sure has done a good job transforming the team from one that no one had ever heard of...into a nationally ranked one. But, even more so than being a nationally ranked team ~ I am consistently awed at the integrity of the women on the team. They are the kindest, most compassionate, nicest people you could ever meet. The team works well together and you rarely hear of any squabbles. They support each other and are friends off the track as well as when competing. Many of them even live in the same house together. I am so glad that Erika has been able to say that she is a part of this awesome group of women!
Natasha - awarded the meets "most outstanding performer" award. Rumor has it that she has a couple of these old shoe trophies.

The senior girls ~ Sarah, Katie, Kelsey, Erika and Natasha.

After the awards ceremony, Buzz and I headed down to Bluffton, Ohio to visit with family and friends.
We even drove through this old covered bridge. I think it used to be the longest one in Ohio - but it looked like some of it might have washed away at some point for there was a metal green bridge attachment on the one end. There have been many rain storms in Ohio recently and the river sure was full. They are calling for some flooding tonight in some areas. was pretty amazing...I can only imagine riding through on my horse drawn carriage.
The snow covered banks are so pretty to me. Maybe because I don't have to actually live here but am just vacationing...
Actually, I got a good taste of living in the snow tonight as it started to snow before we actually reached Bluffton. Now you have to keep in mind that I live in southern California ~ so my driving skills in snow are probably not the greatest. Yet, we did arrive safely at our destination. I just drove slower than normal and stayed in the tracks of the person in front of me. We will see how it is in the morning. There are people I want to visit, so I don't want to be snowed in :) Then again, it is pretty cozy in my uncles house, there could be worse places to be stuck. We will just make the best of whatever is to be.

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