Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NAIA Indoor Track

We started the day off with crazy cold, along with a bit of rain.
Our first event for the day was meeting a friend for breakfast.
Ann Marie and I have known each other for about 35 years...we initially were matched as 'pen pals' in junior high school.
I had asked for one international pen pal and one stateside...Ann Marie was that person. We started writing to each other and have stayed in contact over the years. We became good friends and have met each other in person before.
Ann Marie lives outside of Cleveland, I had told her we were coming and we made plans to get together. It was so fun to see her.
We went to eat at Bob Evans. I knew I wanted to go here for we do not have this restaurant in southern California. It is good, midwest, comfort type food.
I, of course had to order the fried mush...yummm! Buzz even liked it. I think I am going to have to make some at home.

Then it was off to the track meet.
It is being held at the GaREAT sports complex in Geneva, Ohio. Basically it is a huge building, housing a track, soccer field, and dining facilities. It is sort of in the middle of no-where. Not much else to see there but a small town.
The girls have ran well - everyone so far has qualified for finals in their events. Exciting!!
'Coach' Erika taking a little break.
Me, with the some of the Biola athletes. Aren't they cute?!? They actually do have a reputation in the league of being the 'hot' team...and not necessarily all for their running abilities.
Erika's room-mate Natasha.
Erika and Natasha have lived together the last four years. She is from Canada ~ but has been awarded 'All American' titles every year. It is fun to watch her compete for she is so good in her events. And she is quite humble about it all. She never brags or talks about herself. She is just such a sweet, young lady. I know that she will remain friends with Erika for the rest of their lives.
Today, she broke the meet record and won her third pentathlon title. It was her own record from last year that she broke. You can read about it all here.

Natasha has also been picked up by the Canadian Olympic coach to continue training for the 2012 games! Maybe we need to plan our next trip for London!!


Cartoon Characters said...

wow. She is good! I live only a couple miles from her hometown... :)
pretty cool. A lot of people I know went to the same highschool she did...

Cartoon Characters said...

btw: i am also an L&D RN - worked 15 yrs in that area...:)
worked in East Bay San Francisco for 5 years back in the early 90s..