Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monterey Bay

I'm a bit behind in blogging...I've been busy living life and enjoying vacation.

I have discovered that I have a hard time shutting down and just relaxing. I keep wanting to check my work email and call patients. I keep pulling out the school work and looking up professional web sites for information.

But I am trying.
Trying to decompress.
Trying to refresh and renew.
Trying to spend down time with my husband.

After the conference in Berkeley, we took a couple of days and headed slowly down the coast on our way home. I'm going to break the posts up (because my pictures are loading really slow on hotel internet!!) Our first stop was Monterey Bay. It was a beautiful sunny day with brilliant blue skies - not a rain cloud in sight. It was colder than I expected but that didn't stop us from getting out and enjoying the view.
We went to Cannery Row. We shopped, bought a couple of gifts and people watched.
The we decided to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We both love the displays and we wish that we had been able to stay longer. Their big aquarium was closed for refurbishing for the floor tiling was pulling off and the sea turtles were starting to eat the tile. We were bummed it was closed.
I love the multiple colors of fish. Don't you think God had so much fun creating all of these?
Did you know that male seahorses carry the babies and give birth??
This is actually a type of seahorse - not a plant. Weird looking.
Beautiful jellyfish.
We continued our walk. This is 'lover's point'.
If you look close you can see seals on the rocks. We also saw a school of dolphins in the bay .
Here is where we stayed. A historic bed and breakfast. Actually it is made up of a couple of different homes that were bought on the same block, then refurbished.
If you ever want a nice, romantic place to stay - this is the place to go. They have many room selections and a yummy breakfast in the morning. Some people don't like bed and breakfast places for you share a breakfast table with strangers ~ but I happen to enjoy meeting new people, so to me this is a fun thing to do. Check out the Seven Gables Inn here.
We met the sweetest, older couple from Tulare. They were taking what may be one last trip for them, since the husband has some health issues. The wife is a nurse, she even worked in labor and delivery, she shared some old stories with me.
This was what our room looked like.
The view from our window.
The garden view from our room.

Awww - I think I found my new 'get away spot'. We woke up to this and certainly did not want to leave!
Monterey Bay - we will be back soon!

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