Friday, March 4, 2011

Coast Drive

Upon leaving Monterey, we drove the '17 mile drive' by Pepple beach. The northern California coastline is quite different than the southern California coastline. It has a rugged beauty all of its own. It isn't really a place where you go lay out and get a suntan, rather it is a place that you sit and take in God's creation. Enjoy a few shots from along the drive.

The Moro Beach rock
We headed towards San Simeon. There is a beach along the way where the elephant seals hang out. Don't ask me why they choose this particular spot - they just do. Years ago, the kids and I went here and in those days you could actually go down on the beach and walk amongst them ~ now, though they have a 'viewing' area. It is amazing to see these huge creatures lying in the sun, throwing sand on themselves, 'talking' to each other and mating. I have a couple of videos of them interacting with each other - IF I can get those to post then you can hear them. There were hundreds of them on the beach.
One final look at the coastline.
Feeling relaxed now :)

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