Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hearst Castle & Cambria

We decided to take a tour of Hearst Castle on our trip. We both have been here before and decided to take a different tour than we have taken on previous trips. W.R. Hearst was a wealthy newspaper owner and had dreams of building a lavish home up in the hills of San Simeon. He inherited the land from his parents and started building his dream home. Now it is an historic landmark...
See it way up there on top of that hill?
The home is lavish, almost too much I would say... and Hearst never finished parts of it.
The famous pool. The staff and their families actually still get to swim here. I think that would be fun!

A typical guest room. Fancy - don't you think?!?!
Hearst's bedroom
The indoor pool
Our touristy picture. I never buy these types of things but we thought it was kinda cute
After spending time at the castle, we checked in at our hotel in Cambria. It was right by the beach and we listened to the ocean waves all night long.
Our room
The view from our room
A perfect sunset to end our time away
We drove home for I had to attend school then we got ready to head to Ohio the following morning...more to come on that. I sure am enjoying being on vacation

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