Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nursing Informatics

The next class that I am taking is a Nursing Informatics class. It is all about technology and how to use that for research plus how to make professional looking presentations and flyers, etc.

They only bummer part of the class is that our instructor wanted us to have a PC running laptop plus Office 2007.
I have been using a MAC laptop for awhile now - still have a PC desktop with Office 2010 so I debated on what I should do...should I muddle through the class with my MAC? Should I run a PC program on my MAC (cost about $200 for that program), or should I just buy a new lap top for all of my school work and keep the MAC for my personal use?
I finally decided to just buy a small laptop. I felt I could do all of my homework for the class on this then give it to my son when I am done with it. Off to Best Buy we went. We shopped around, found a mid priced laptop and purchased this new baby.
I loaded Office 2007 on to it (I had a disk from the IT department) and now I'm ready to tackle this class.
If you know any thing about me...I LOVE to get A's in my classes so I'm willing to spend whatever it takes to help me get there.

So.....I go to our first night of class.
I open the computer.
I push the power button.
The computer starts to load up.
When ~

Oops! Someone knocks over a coffee cup....right on to the new keyboard...

I so wanted to say bad words, but since I am attending school at a Christian university I decided to keep those feelings to myself.
The person who spilt the coffee felt horrible.
I felt horrible.
I don't have the kind of money to rebuy a new laptop - nor do I ever buy those extended warranties that businesses sell.
Now how am I going to pass this class with an A??
I stressed about it all week while we were gone.

I went back to Best Buy after we got home...
They took it back, no questions asked and let me get another one to replace it. I was shocked!

Now I can do well in the class. I didn't have to spend extra money....and I won't let anyone set any liquids close to me for the rest of my school life!

Thank you Best Buy for being so customer friendly. I realize that all you do is send the other back and it gets refurbished...but for a starving college student, you saved the day!!

I HEART Best Buy!


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Cartoon Characters said...

wow. My jaw dropped when it got to the spilled coffee.

I work with computers at my job all the time, and one of the things they don't allow us to have near our computers is open drinking vessels...

I know most places offer one year warranty no matter the first year, and if you use certain credit cards, it will double your coverage...

Glad you got it resolved! wow. That reallyy would have made me feel sick to have that happen...

Good luck on your course! I was going to be taking an informatics course since that's what I do all day long: work on computers but it didn't happen. :(