Monday, March 7, 2011


Not only did we take time last week to travel along the California coast...we hopped on a plane and headed to OHIO.
I spent many summers in Ohio. My parents are both from Ohio. As kids, my brother and I, were sent there to experience life on the farm. I still have relatives in Ohio and have maintained friendships with many people. I have fond memories of the time I spent on the farm and of small town life.

When we found out that indoor track nationals were going to be held in Geneva, Ohio this year, we made plans to go.

Erika did not qualify to compete. She has never quite gotten back to her old running self since her health issues last summer. Coach took her as an 'assistant coach' though. We have also developed relationships with other runners on the Biola it was an easy decision to attend the meet, and to add in visits with family and friends.

When I go to Ohio, I always have this sense of, "coming home". It just feels right and comfortable. I often wonder if I could still move there, live on some land, have a horse and plant a garden. I'm just not sure that I could handle the winters!

We chose to stay at the Quail Hollow Resort. It is nice and rustic and they always have a nice fire going in the lobby. It is a great place to just hang out.
The room was spacious enough. Though we really weren't in the room that much since most of our time was spent at the meet and out exploring the area surrounding Cleveland.

This is our view from the first morning...quite different from our beach sunset a day or two ago! Yes, that is snow on the ground. It is bright and sunny - but that is deceiving! We went to go out and it is only 25' ~ one definitely needs a coat and mittens - HA!
The current view of Lake Erie...BRRR..Off to the track meet we go. I love these national meets. There are so exciting and only the best in the league get to attend. There are some great athletes here...but of course we have our favorites.
Go Biola!!

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Holly said...

Ohio is happy to have you! :) that lodge looks like a really nice place