Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Factory

The baby factory was pumping em out faster than we could blink an eye!

Remember that 'I Love Lucy" episode where she works in the candy factory and the candy keeps coming faster and faster? She can't put it away fast enough and she gets overwhelmed with candy - that was us with patients and babies.

Ok - that may be an exaggeration, but is was pretty busy.

I went back to work after having almost 3 weeks off. I was ready to be back with my friends.
I was even ready to be working with the patients.

My first two days back ~ I was 'in charge". The first day wasn't bad. A couple of nurses were home, 'on call', and we had a few patients.
My nurse friend, Kim said, "we have been pretty slow for awhile. It scares me for it is going to bust".

Thanks Kim!

The second day...I could barely get every one a break, every nurse was maxed out. Doctors would call and tell me they were sending in another response, "you have got to be kidding me!" to which I heard.."nope, they are really 6-7 centimeters so they are coming." Now where am I suppossed to find another bed?? One doctor said, "oh it doesn't look bad here"~ I almost strangled him...come on it is 3pm and people still have not had lunch! Another one, I had to ban from going in to the patients room...he had sent a mommy in who was having her second baby and she was pretty far dilated. We had not even put the patient on the monitor and he wanted to go in and break her bag of water...Hello...can we get her admitted and be sure all is ok first?!?!?


I think we had 10 babies and I left the night shift with 14 patients still on the board.
I made calls - people came in to help us.
Had one patient in the operating room, one ready to move to the next room, when of course we had to 'crash' another (emergency c/section).
Nurses would call for delivery and I had to search for the helper nurse to take care of the baby.
Nurses would ask me to do an ultrasound to check the babies position....and it took me an hour to get in there.
I tried to get the nurses on break - I'd watch their patient while they went, even though it meant I left the desk at one point and my manager couldn't find me (guess my little pocket phone had turned itself off....ooops!!)
One nurse called to tell me the computer wasn't working - I fixed it...a plug in to the electrical outlet does wonders!!
But the computer in the recovery room, I never did get around to fixing.
Luckily though - I did meet some really neat patients and we had nice deliveries

I'm still recovering today.

I think I want to be on vacation again!!!


Dana said...

Wow, so busy. I'm glad the babies all made it safe and sound. I'm glad you stop the doctor's when you need to. My Mom was a nurse and said that she and her fellow nurses were correcting doctor's all the time on medication orders and things.

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Just found you from a nursing degree program's Web site.

Have always felt the calling to be a nurse, esp. after having my babies. So thank you for keeping your blog up-to-date. I thrive reading it and can't wait for the day that I can actually have children in public school and go back to school. :)

Keep up the great work!! Nurses are amazing people!