Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bluffton, Ohio

The view as we woke up in the morning.
It had snowed lightly late in to the night and it looks like a winter wonderland here. It is so pretty (well at least from in side our warm house). I truly have a sense of being "home" here. Probably because I have so many memories of fun times spent here. Growing up in this quiet place was sort of magical. We were carefree and played the day away. I can remember spending many a nights in that tree house and swimming in the pond. One year - my brother even fell through the ice on the pond. We had all been ice-skating on it but we must have weakened it for the next thing you know - he was suspended there.
We plan to drive around town, drive by the old family farms, visit with friends and family. Though to be honest - I didn't take pictures with everyone that we visited. I'm not sure why - guess I just got so involved in our visits that I forgot. First ~ I need to warm up the car and get the ice off of the windows!
This post is mostly for you mom - you said take lots of here is your picture rundown of our time in Bluffton.
Look, I actually was out in the snow! I'm glad we took pictures in the morning, for so much of it melted away during the sure wasn't as pretty when it was just a muddy, sloshy mess.
Awww - the countryside
Our first visit was with all of my cousins on my dad's side. We met for lunch and I got to meet all of their 'significant others' too. The only one missing was Andrea - she is in Texas. Maybe I'll have to travel there to see her ;)
Holly with her sweet little girl, Ayva, Me, Ashley and Elisabeth.
We went by both cemeteries where my grandparents are buried. There is such legacy here as I tried to tell Buzz about my family history. He says he wishes that he had been able to meet my grandparents.
Grandma's house - it pretty much looks the same, except for that front entry porch. And the old apple orchard is gone. I think there were two trees left back there.
The barn that my dad help build
Look - there are even horses there now...just like when Uncle Denny lived there. See - we could go back and make it ours again. Wouldn't that be fun?!?!I didn't take any pictures of Grandma Augsburger's home...the person who lives there now had so much junk on the porch that it just didn't feel 'right' any more. It really looks different there.
The little town of Bluffton looks the same though. We were there later in the day - notice lots of the snow is gone. But it was still nippy out! We walked through and did a bit of shopping then got a nice warm cup of coffee .
Off we went to see cousin Tam. We had a great visit. Played with her dogs and her goat that freely roams around outside. She sure lives a different life than we do and is a huge Ohio state fan! Fun times ~
After our time with Tam we ran by the hospital in Findlay to see my Aunt Carol. She had been admitted the day before. She looked good to me and we had a lovely visit. The only bummer was that Uncle Donny had just left before we got there so we did not get to see him. I wish we had a few more days to spend here...I'd love to visit more and stick around a bit!

Of course I had to get one treat in before we were done with our visit. Num Num...sugar cream pie. Love it!
Bye, Bye Ohio - we will miss you!



Cartoon Characters said...

bitter sweet, isn't it? Visiting old stomping grounds....I did that a couple years ago, and funny thing...I felt the same way looking at your photos as you described days gone by...

Holly said...

What day were you in Findlay? We were in Findlay the wkend of the 5th.

babyrndeb said...

Holly - we were there late Saturday night (5th) thru late Monday...wish we could of hooked up! What were you doing in the area??